27thOctober 2012
   I would never expect receiving cup full of fresh snow in the end of October :) Our Clan journeyed once again and once again it was worth it. International Youth championship of ČKNO (Czech GSD club) 2012 surprised me with great performance of its competitors.

But for me, the main heroine will always be my youth competitor - Una - 95, 89 (without sit command) and 96. You are AMAZING and I know why I admire you =)*

We finished on the third place. Speaking about Una's very first championship only one thing comes to my mind: "Christmas came quite soon this year."

You can find the result list here.


26thOctober 2012
   Zack made IPO1, congratulation!!!


25thOctober 2012
   Gringo gave his regards from USA - thanx Natacha !


20thOctober 2012
   We finally received Uri's pictures from National police dogs competition in Dětmarovice...


18thOctober 2012
   Amazing news from Holland: Marco took part and won the protectionwork-match of 6 regional clubs, he was by far the best with 97 points in the IPO1 category. Another great news: the daughter of Marco-Raptor got the best obedience work (92 pts) in the IPO-3 category. AWESOME!


17thOctober 2012
   Garland has sent us new pictures, thank you!


15thOctober 2012
   Attila made IPO2 title, great!


14thOctober 2012
   Extra has sent us video from her yesterday's training, thanx!


13thOctober 2012
   Wizard got IPO3 title (86, 93, 97), with 276 points in total. Congratulation!!!


10thOctober 2012
   X-life made BH title, congratulation!


9thOctober 2012
   To the all visitors of our website: if you visited our site on the Tuesday 9th or later, I would recomend you to start reading our news from the 1st October. If by any chance you didn't mind spoilers (or you came to find certain video), you could continue reading from here.

What else I can write about Max without repeating what was written before? Lets say despite of not taking part in this sport actively (well, I'm not quite sure about my passive participation), I was honoured to see Max's protection on crowded austrian stadium. I'm even more happy that I saw Sean there too. For me he is true champion - modest and hard-working man, who does his job without spending the rest of the day boasting about it.

I nearly forgot, when I went to Austria, my camera jumped to my bag on its free will. Max's protection has been already uploaded on www.youtube.com to watch it use whatever link you want. Hope you would like it!
You can also see WUSV result list, it's there.


8thOctober 2012
   Well, it's high time for me to show some pictures from this fantastic weekend, where should I begin? How about Tracking championship? Once more, I congratulate to winners and gladly announce that in the moment Janička and Niki won the tracking championship, they managed to win all existing Youth Championships in Czech republic! Maybe they were watchin Pokémon too much, because they really "Gotta catch them all". I should call Niki Youth tracking-champion-and-young-champion-of-Czech-republic-and-young-champion-of-GSD-and-the-winner-of-msks-organization's-cup. No, that's to long, she will be probably miles away when I finish that, calling her Niki is just fine.

There is the result list.


7thOctober 2012
   By this time tomorrow, one amazing 26 days merry-go-round full of work, school, driving, training, laught, English and - mostly important - good friends and great results, will have finished.

   Once again, after a year Sean and Mike came to visit us. Within last month Janička won with Niki Youth Tracking Championship quali, Sean finished as 39th on Hungarian FCI Championship and Mike with Irmus were 23rd. It was nice beginning but the best was yet to come this weekend.

  For those who don't have Facebook, don't watch internet and mainly for those who come here to cheer for us, there is small summarize...
- there were 160 participants from more than 23 countries in WUSV in Steyr
- only 9 of them received mark "V" on the protection
- only 23 of them received mark "V" on the track
- only 14 of them were able to get 280 points and more

  Between best 14 dogs, with "V" track and "V" protection, there was only one dog from Czech kennel.

  MAX ze Stříbrného kamene !!!

   Max was participating on a World Championship for his fourth time but I have never seen him before. I am so happy that I was able to witness this success. Even though Sean was sad about bad send out, which cost him third place, I am so happy.

   Again, I felt the taste of thrill, adrenaline and fear which is remaking to huge relief and happiness in matter of seconds. All these fellings are mixed together, the one who felt this even once would never forget how this drug taste. I haven't felt it for ten years and nearly lost hope. Thanks to Sean and Max I could come back in time too see Art again...

   If by any chance, somebody watched the traffic on the border the same week. He or she must have been thinking that the driver of black volvo is either smugler or psycho. The second answer is right :)

   Having Youth Tracking Championship 2012 in same weekend, we crossed the border about twenty times. But it was worth it.

   Practising style - arrive - don't know what's going on - make a track - leave - return - make another track - Janička and Niki won whole championship. On Saturday she got 98 points on FPr3 track and the second day she protected her 100 points ZPS1 track from 2010. She made 198 points from 200 possible and won not only her category (younger than 18 years) but also whole championship.

   Thank you NIKI !!! You can go back to your place on the sun or eat every apple in the garden.

   Thank you Janička, our Miss 100, let me know when you will have your seminar in California, I will gladly come :)


6thOctober 2012
   At last we got promised video from IX. Championship of Czech republic Police dogs. Uri took part in it, thank you for letting us know!


5thOctober 2012
   On Sunday 30th, puppies from litter X celebrated their third birthday. We wish them and their owners good health and many succes within next years! Looking above, you can se X-life during his training in Vojkovice.


4thOctober 2012
   Fuji has sent us her new pictures, thanx!


1stOctober 2012
   Zack won ZM category in IV.year Tracking competition of ZKO Kaplice cup, congratulation! You can see result list here.