10thDecember 2010
Dedicated to all people who cares about our puppies...

Like every year, please don't get angry if you aren't there, maybe we don't have your pictures, maybe there wasn't enough space.

I tried to find as much pictures with you as I could, but you rather take picture of your loved ones. Never mind, I found some, one of them is my personal favourite - Dean and Auron in iron bath.

You all are great, you all are our family, thank you all for love and care.

So... watch from Hawkey to Auron and have a nice day!


8thDecember 2010
This wallper was dedicated to protection and Martin chose for you Fox from last year's Youth championship trial IPO, our Richard - Paris at this year's CACIT in Slovakia and Manolo from US Championship.

On the top of them is Nimh, brother of Niki, who got price on DVG National for Helper's Favourite Dog. Enjoy!


5thDecember 2010
Niki was born in January 2006, in fifth, nearly last litter of our Bee and Vito v. Waldwinkel. There were 6 females and only 2 males. A week after, litter "O" was born - another seven females. Three days and three nights I have spent on the internet changing reservations...

I promised Janička she could keep a puppy from this litter because she couldn't keep one from litter M. I was afraid of that knowing my daughter always likes the most lighter ones. She pointed at her couple hours after the birth, she was blond... I was suffering but must have kept my promise. As she was growing she showed good behaviour and everybody, who came to pick a puppy asked me if she is free ignoring her colour. Everytime I had to explain this puppy already had her owner and everytime Janička came, picked her up and moved as far as she could, to prevent somebody "stealing" her.

I think those people must have been thinking something about my self esteem...

And Niki stayed, in two years she had nine titles including IPO3 and SchH2 and after next half year she was able to train with Jana. When she was four, she had 3 litter with 25 puppies in total.

Jana learned with her everything she learned so far. They look great together, made very good team and most importantly - THEY ENJOY IT. Girls travel from trial to trial sleeping together in bed and next day Niki can normally work - she respects her.

After this year's season I write only one thing: Niki, I apologize you. I thought you german beast, you were sent by god to punish me for not praying. I was wrong. You are here to make one small, thin, teenager, who loves you so much, happy. YOU MADE IT!

Yeah, one more thing. For that one hundred points track you will go to heaven. Martin will take care of that.


4thDecember 2010
I am honest - "Zs" are my favourite litter. They are after my spoiled UFO - Una and they are beautiful puppies. I hope we haven't heard about them for the last time.

They had and have luck for great owners - Deb Randolp from Oregon, Debbie Pensiero from Maryland (the owner of our Nimh) - it was honor for me to choose next puppy for her- Marianne from Holland, Luc from Belgium, Marios from Greece, Adam from Polland or Jana from Moravia or Jana and Jirka living near us.

So, the old rule remains the same, even it is ten or ten thousand kilometres far, you can meet amazing people everywhere.

Thank you all for love and care you show and good luck everyone!


3rdDecember 2010
Litter M was born in July 2005. There were eleven puppies but only seven survived. We have information about every one of them except Molly. I like every offspring we had but "Ms" are my favourite as well as their father, Ellute.

Max was normal puppy, kind and contact like his brothers Marco and Manolo. Vašek chose him because he was the smallest and the fastest from all dogs, like Art used to be. You can see on his video what he accomplished with him in three weeks.

He lived in Czech Republic until ten months than he moved to Slovakia and after, to USA where he became partner of Jim Sears and finally Sean's.

No mistakes they are doing great. On spring they were third at AWDF National Championship in Indianopolis and became part of the representation team at FCI in Finland. Even their first world competion wasn't as good as they wanted, the end of the season couldn't be better - they won USA National and became US champions. They make great team along with their trainer and friend Mike Diehl - the champion of USA and numerous participant of FCI championship and WUSV (also with czech dog - Erri z Blatenského zámku).

Their success fills me with joy, pride and gratefulness. Sean and Max showed me new emotional dimension of this sport.

That half-kilo-weighing "nothing", which was first seen by me. That beast who nearly eat me last year in Krefeld is greeeeeeeeeeeeeat!

I thank Sean for representing one little breeding center in the world.

I thank Mike for all help.

I thank Vašek for preparing both puppies - Max and Erri...


2ndDecember 2010
I wrote about Štěpánka and Fox last year but can't imagine them not being there this year. I was thinking about this text whole season, the idea came after tracking championship in Brantice. At that time we were sure Fox wouldn't compete next year due to his health which started getting worse. Competion in Brantice happened to be their last trial. Time can't be stopped...

Their seasons 2009 and 2010 were great. To understand that my dog is on the verge of his carrier and he needs rest is hard even for adult. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for eleven years old girl.

Look closely at pictures, you don't see just girl with dog, you watch true dog handler - resolute, prepared, willing to be the best - behaving like profesional.

But what you can't see is more important. I saw it in Brantice. I saw girl who was catching her dog during his fall from bench. The dog havier than herself. That girl didn't care about incomplete track, she didn't show anger from unsuccess. She was just afraid Fox would injure himself. For me, it was proof of morality so strong that many adults might learn from her.

Štěpánka, I hope you will be as good with Yetti as you were with Fox. You have amazing family, which supports you and excellent group with Karel at first place - never forget that. The cups will come again, you'll see, just keep your relationship to dogs that love without limits.

Thank you for being the human you are.

Aunt Jana

29thNovember 2010
This will be little longer than usually...

In this before-christmas chaos I came across with half forgotten video of our Niki, which compare her last year's protection with this year's one. Hope you would like it! Also, we got new videos of Zascha and Prima, thanx!

At last but not at least, favourite advent calendar is coming back in 1st December with 24 new wallpers. The rules are same (everyday one new wallper) and I believe you will like it! Have a nice snowy Monday, see ya!