31stDecember 2012

24thDecember 2012

1stDecember 2012
   It has already been sixth time for you to open our advent calendar... I saw the first window (as well as you) for the first time this morning. I have to admit that my first idea was: "There is a few of us..."
I took my time to investigate in our archive to see and read older wallpers and texts. Many things have changed but some remains the same...
Bee left us and left after herself unforgottable trace. Also Queen and Sarah aren't here anymore and we miss them so much...
Still, there are three girls and they are still kicking and most of all you are still there... You continue to share with us your happiness, pain, wishes, desires, winning or losing. You sre creating this calendar, despite of our group getting smaller you are growing in numbers and that's just great! You are part of our kennel, you are our "stones". The part of us will always be there, if there are you and your "prescious" ...
I wish you the most beautiful advent!
Enjoy your time here!

Jana, Martin, Janička and pack

1stDecember 2012
   It's back again! I mean our advent calendar, which celebrates its sixth anniversary. For six years you can find here everyday one new wallpaper, hope you will like them!!!