22ndDecember 2009
   There is not anything new to say. I can repeat what was heard many times...

Thanks to Martin and his great ideas with advent calendar, we can taste different December. Finally (after years of stress, neverending lines in shopping malls and senseless cleanig) I am done with dusty windows and I do not care I do not have fifteen kinds of christmas sweet. Now I think I see the right sense of this holiday.

Advent happened to be a chance for us to greet our frineds, to wish them all best and remind them that we like them. Sometimes, it is really important to say it loudly and not only rely on their knowledge.

Your wishes and messages show us that you enjoy our point of view. If there (in today's wallper) were all messages, you would not see Widar, Wilma and Marry at all.

We are honoured, thank you!!!

Jana, Martin, Janička

22ndDecember 2009
   Today I will make one super-summary of last month, I mean the time before snowstorms, frost windows... you remember, do you?
   I will begin with our video section: Max has sent us videos from this year's US national and Witch with Will show us how they were.
   I will continue with pictures: We got new images from Xero, X-life and Witch from their new homes. I am glad they are doing great!
   I will even summary world news: Puppies after Dragon were born in USA, Nebrasca. Their photos, more information and contact are in common section.
   I will end at home: Due to wallper developing I nearly forgot to tell you about our puppies! Litter "Y" is great! They grow up to be strong dogs and despite of low temperature they rage across the garden like a band of banditos. I am also happy to announce that every puppy is now reservated.
   Yosh, I hope I haven't forgot anything :) Many thanks to everybody for their pictures, videos, and beautiful messages about advent calendar. Have a nice reading. See ya!


20thDecember 2009
   This wallper is dedicated to Peter, Eva and their children Kaisa and Stina - our friends from Sweeden. If I got nothing from Kynology, I would still be rich, because of amazing friends I've met.

We got to know each other in 2001. Peter had Falco, Fred's and Fox's brother. Lately I met his great wife Eva. Peter has incredible sense for tipical czech grim (black) humour and he never spoiled any fun. Eva is gentle polite person, great woman but no Barbie girl.

They have great kids who bear a lot. For example, during our common holidays in the Krkonoše mountains, Peter taught them how to ski. He took them on the top of hill and let them go. When they fell, he came close, help them to stand and let them go again.

When my older brother, a big sportsman and such a tough guy that even Spartain warrior seems lika a new born child as compared with him, saw the scene he said to Peter unforgettable phrase: "Ich bin auch Herodes, aber langsam, bitte langsam..."

Thanks to Peter, there occured chance to take back to Czech republic Irša z Lipin, later mother of our O, P and R. We wish Merry Christmas to Sweeden!


19thDecember 2009
   Number nineteen resembles memento of Dragon and thanks to Marsha for her care. I am glad that his service ends in January and he will come back home. Jana is looking forward to see him and miss him so much. She reminds me again and again my promise last year in Colorado...

Marsha si great woman. She acompany us to Cincinnati and help czech team on WUSV with everything. With word everything I mean the compound of these profesions: a driver, a person dealing with complaints, a friend for shopping, coffe and donut deliver, a photographer, a camerawoman, cheer leader... I think you understand now.

She had hard life behind her, three great kids, for whom she will do everything. For them and for her dogs... A year ago we bet and she kept her promise and came to Vašek's wedding. She liked it a lot, much more than South Bohemia's history gem - the Chettau of Hluboká. (From my point of view, her children didn't quite understand the quality of that building. Disneyland can be nicer but it's just replica. This one stands there for 7 centuries.)

Thanks to her we visited Garden of the God, red stones of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks to her we see Vašek flew 400 meters above abys of Royal George, we humble 14 000 feets high Pikes Peak (don't worry I'm not crazy yet, we went by car)...

To Marsha, Christine, Gilbert and Jerom: "Merry Christmas!"


18thDecember 2009
   Look at today's wallper as a goodbye to our Dix as well as thanks to Nate for his care.

Nate is friendly man with sense of humour and fair play and one of small number of Americans, who really understand dogs.

I wish you Merry Christmas Nate, hopefully we met again soon!


15thDecember 2009
   Today's wallper is dedicated to our second youngest babies, which left us just few weeks ago - litter X.

Xaron, X-life, Xara and Xero had real luck with chosing their owners. Piotr as well as Jola are good people, they fell in love with them immediately and send us beautiful pictures.

Patrik and Pavel are profesionals, so I cross fingers for X-man and Xavier to be okey. They will surely make other things themselves.

We don't have any information from USA about our two girls and it's really sad for me...

For all X and their owners: It doesn't matter if you are 10 or 1000 kilometres away. Just be strong, we are looking forward to your messages!


13thDecember 2009
   With today's wallper I send greetings to America and congratulation to Sean with Max to nice place at USA Nationals as well as greetings to Butch and Manolo, who begun this year to compete in top class.

In contrast of Sean, who is Max's fourth owner, Butch trains Manolo since his nineth week. He liked him very much and I think he trust him. Manolo got hurt this autumm but I believe that everything will be good next year.

Whole litter, not just these two Yankees or Marco with Marry in Holland excels with incredible nature (yeah, they are my beloved Elutte's puppies). Great nature got even females who stayed in Czech republic - Miki and Mendy. They both have perspective litters.

To all owners of our "Ms": thank you for your care and love, I wish to all puppies good health and success in competition!

P.S. I forgive that freak Max that he nearly ate me this summer in Krefeld, when Sean came tu show him. :)


8thDecember 2009
   Today's wallper (wallpaper) is made especially for our friends from Holland - Saskia and Ronald, who take care of our Marco (Raptor) and for Eric and Wilma, who got our Marry (Chuna).

Although I communicate with Eric and Wilma only through the internet, they essentially belong to our dog family. After so many years we know each other and trust ourselves so much. Thanks to them we got to know Jeremy and found great home for our Witch.

Last year, Saskia came to cheer us to CACIT and took Marco with her. He grew up to be a handsome and very friendly dog. I was so glad that I got chance to meet them. And last but not least, due to their help we met Leo and Marielle, owners of our Snake.

I love pictures, which I receive from them. They overflow with magic, spirit and temper. From my point of view, they are best pictures I got! I have to admit that I like offsprings after Ellute, they usually have really good nature. Our litter "M" is a good proof of it. Not just Marco and Marry but even females Miky and Mendy here in Czech republic and successfully competing dogs Max and Manolo from USA prove my words either.

To Saskie, Ronald, Wilma, Eric, Jeremy, Leo and Marrielle: thank you for your care and love! Happy Christmas!!!

2ndDecember 2009
   The second wallper (wallpaper) is dedicated to Nimh, Niki's brother, and his owner Debbie Pensiero.

Debbie had contacted me more than four years ago and she was interested in one of our puppies. In the beginning she could have got our Marco - Raptor but due to destiny she got Victor - Nimh. I think both Debbie and Ronald and Saskia, owners of Marco, are happy it ended that way.

At first, Debbie was very modest about her ambition but she excels with aspiration in dog sports. I remember one e-mail, where she wrote that her dream was to make SchH2 title. I didn't understand it much, because from my point of view, I would want at least SchH3 or more. But I recognized from her letter how great respect and honour she felt from this title.

During last three years they came a long way and in this autumn she made her dream SchH2 and even got title 2009 SchH2 "North East Regional Champion" for the best score made in this category. Next weekend she got SchH3 title on Very Good with score 95-81-97. With these points she qualified to Championship of USA 2010 and she even thinks about tracking championship of FH2!

When we were in USA last year on WUSV. She came to cheer us from far Pennsylvania so we had time for small personal talk. She do likes Nimh. When she speaks about him she shines with energy and pride. Thank you for everything Debbie, I cross fingers for you!

1stDecember 2009
   It is back! I mean our advent calendar, which celebrates its third anniversary. For those who do not know, everyday from today to 24th December, you can find new wallpaper there. I hope you would like it!