17thFebruary 2011
After some time, we updated our website. Many of you knows why. On the 14th of January, we suffered great loss.

The man, who had been the pillar of czech dog sport since 1990 passed away. The man, who was the example of honesty and dilligence. The man, who was hard to others but mainly to himself. He never thought about choosing trials because of helpers, judges or terrain for tracking. He only arrived and competed. He never argued about points he had got, never speculated, never need to cheat...

He tried to give an advice to anybody, who came for help. Most people knows him because of Art z Lipin, but there were also Ben, Bee, Fred, Dix and Paris. All of them were on the top trials.

He never spoke too much, he let his results speak instead. Despite the fact he didn't travel with us, Janička's last year's succes made him happy and proud. He believed in Paris and was looking forward to next season... He was lucky to have you, friends. What he meant to you, you showed me last weeks and aslo during last farewell at the funeral. Your attendance, condolences, which came from every corner of the world, your flowers, they are something, what helps me a lot.

I apologize to anyone I couldn't personaly thank for.

Who has the will and the power, fulfill his final message: get yourself a shot of ale, think about next season and start training... That last fotogallery is little messed up but I hope you would like it. I know that Art finally waited for him to meet again, after seven years, where the rainbow meets the sky...

Jana, Martin and Janička

4thFebruary 2011
I apologize for being late. Here are newest pictures of our "Bs", whose have just celebrated their fifth week with us!

Also, I would like to let you know that all puppies have been already reservated.