30thApril 2007
   I spent the whole last weekend in Belgium to see last WM WUSV Qualification Trial - the Super CA Trofee. Here are a result list and some pictures and video. My congratulation to Ronny van den Berghe, Christine Sonnberg, Johny Deggens and Francois Smulder for their super performance !!! Next congratulations also to Sandra and Georgio Grammozis, owners of kennel Mohnwiese, they really have absolutelly super offsprings !!Belgian team is already known and I am so sorry about we will not see here Zender, which had the absolutelly best protection here, but was not so lucky on a track. Have a look on a videos !

Jana Hořejší

22thApril 2007
   The result´s list of third Czech Quali trial to WM FCI a MCR IPO is here !!!

Jana a Milan Hořejší

18thApril 2007
   The result´s list of second Czech Quali trial to WM FCI a MCR IPO is here !!!

Jana a Milan Hořejší

17thApril 2007
   Super news for you, this week Dix took part in second FCI and WUSV qualification trial in Ceská Lípa and he finished on third place with 264points ! I remind that was his first qualifying competion and next will be this week so wish us the best!!! Until next time see ya.

15thApril 2007
   I forgot to let you know that DRAGON BOHEMIA ABAKAN made excellent stamp (98 points) on FPr 2 last weekend. Also Luca had success on VPG 3 title. He made 281 points (91,93,97) Congratulations !!!

14thApril 2007
   Hello everyone ! Long time we didn´t meet one another and many things happened. I don´t know where I should start, so what about this :First: In cause of the fact, that whole "R" litter is already sold, I wish the best to everyone of our puppies´new owners and I opened new section of this litter R as well.
   Next: We got new pictures and information about Hannah and Luca and Finally: last common video of our puppies.