23rdJuly 2010
   It is really shameful but we couldn't upload our server for whole July. And the reason is not that nothing had happened... Holiday has just started and everything is so hectic...

We finished with information that Una made IPO-V. On Sunday the 4th she and grandma Bee set on journey to made another titles and they were succesful. Bee got FPr2 title on very good (94pts) and Ufo somehow did SchH1 title (96,88,92) on very good as well! Thank god it ended that way but we must really begin to train harder!

On Tuesday the 6th we had small training with Paris and Quella and after we set off to Suchdol to take part in Czech national championship. The journey was great, accomodation good, I had suitcase full of summer dress instead of dog, beautiful weather, my personal holiday! I'm not gonna write about the trial because whole republic wrote it before. Just for friends from abroad: here is result list and some of my personal thoughts...

- as I had already wrote on facebook, I bow to everyone who made the track there. I ADMIRE YOU ALL!!!

- the place for tracking was absolute horrible. I don't understand why they chose the one and only most difficult and noisy terain when there were good grasslands everywhere!

- excellent achievement of Hana Hulikova in tracking in last group and really deserved one houndred points. Congratulation!

- from my point of view. Most of bad luck didn't have Vašek Plášil, although I wished him Sevilla really much, but Libor Kostera with Baxter Vikar. I really enjoyed his performance. It was something which is called in abroad "The new GSD". To make a long story short, he is a man and he SHOULD fly!

- I was so glad I met Ronny and I am pleased he cared about our kennel...

- my favourite Zidane came and he haven't forgotten Czech yet.

- Tom - feared Belgic helper is ordinary, kind and unobtrusive man and he did his job perfectly.

- although our guys weren't as successful as I hoped so, their achievement was good. They didn't disappoint me with their protection and they both didn't get excellent due to using second order. (By the way they wouldn't get excellent in Czech republic even if they had everything right which makes me happy even more)

- I think our Paris was quite popular and people liked her. I want to thank you this way, you couldn't make her owner more happy. For him it's better than air ticket to Sevilla. He hate long trips anyway.

23rdJuly 2010
- Immediately we got back home our puppies took the second gear... Our litter "A" (Queen x Zico) have just celebrated seven weeks and have begun to leave. We added to the section last pictures and videos. For possible intested people we have only one male and one female free. So, if you are interested and want to make a reservation, write us an e-mail. For Ace, Asko, Axel, Art, Alba, Attila, Arwen and Amy - stay strong and keep in touch. You will be always ours doesn't matter if you are eight or eight thousand kilometres away!

23rdJuly 2010
- 5.7. and 6.7. litters "M" and "W" celebrated their birthday. Better now than never, there are pictures and video. Wish you all best!


22ndJuly 2010
   After such huge news just some forgotten piece of info...

Xaron made his first title - PT-1 (189/200) and finished as second, congratulation!

Look at our video section for Xavier, Fox and Larry (recommended - National Czech Championship in Suchdol).

At last but not at least, Zaarha sent us her pictures, thank you! Until next time see ya!


1stJuly 2010
   Another week has gone and "Aces" let us know about themselves again. So, before you go on holiday, look at their "puppies for sale" section.
   If you are interested and want to make a reservation, write us an e-mail.