30thAugust 2007
   Hi Marco !

I was so happy when I realized that you're daddy.
I wish your children to be as strong as they wonderful parents ! I'm looking forward to see them !

Best wishes from Czech Republic,


P.S. Give them regards from their aunt, will ya ? :)

30stAugust 2007
   Family went to summer-dog camp in "Kunžak" and they left me home. I felt little bored so I created section Stud males, I hope you would fancy it. And to everybody, whose holidays will soon end, have a nice (last holiday's) week ! Until next time see ya !


26stAugust 2007
   I made some new links for you hoping not forget anyone :). So enjoy !


26thAugust 2007
   Look at Nela and Olivia to see their new pictures, I hope you would like them !


25stAugust 2007
   Hawk got ZTV, congratulation !

Jana a Milan Hořejší

1stAugust 2007
   Good news !Our Miki is going to be mother !!! If you are interested in our next litter "S" look here. You can also make reservation, just click there. It's all for now, see ya later !